Avoid cherry-picking data points to create an infographic that attracts leads

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October 20, 2020, 12:01 PM GMT+0

Colour hues and font sizes could be used to create visual hierarchies within an infographic.

This article suggests how effective use of data visualisation in infographics can attract qualified leads, build awareness and ultimately generate revenue. To pick the best visualisation style in an infographic, marketers must define the point of their data and the narrative.

A donut chart or a pictograph could work well to convey a single important data point. If the point of an infographic is to draw comparisons, businesses could opt for a bar, bubble or pie chart among other formats.

To avoid distortions that could cost a brand consumer trust, avoid cherry-picking data points. Further, the size of the axes mustn’t be skewed and the visualisation must be kept as simple as possible.

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