Marketers should combine old search patterns with the new ones to prepare for the holiday season

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October 19, 2020, 6:02 PM GMT+0

With the dramatic increase in digital retail this year, brands should target every possible channel to reach prospects.

Instead of relying only on historical data, businesses should analyse recent shopping habits and customer segments to personalise their marketing efforts. Marketers should combine the latest data with last holiday season’s search tactics, to identify new audience segments and then tailor their messaging.

With the holiday season expected to be unpredictable, marketers should use analytics and reporting systems that monitor campaign performance data in real-time. Marketers should also install a hybrid campaign structure that enables manual biding and allows them to take action in real-time.

Proactively creating merchant promotions and setting sale prices with effective dates can help marketers prepare for the holiday season better. Marketers should further ensure their product page is well optimised and updated daily or intraday. 

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