Choose keywords that enhance content on a site to improve organic SEO rankings

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October 19, 2020, 2:36 AM UTC

Marketers must follow Google’s EAT guidelines.

This article suggests ways in which brands can improve their organic SEO rankings. Brands can create content hubs based on overarching topics that could branch into subtopics. Any content being created must be something that’s useful or answer common questions that the target audiences have regarding the products or services.

The keywords being chosen must be the ones that enhance the topics present on site. They must also have a healthy amount of volume per month. The article recommends optimising headers, meta data and page copy for SEO.  

A URL being created should be short and avoid blocks of special characters or numbers. Marketers to test their site to ensure their websites are mobile friendly. Additionally, the images being used must be supported by ALT text.

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