A customer-centric approach towards data collection can help brands foster consumer trust

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October 16, 2020, 1:21 PM GMT+0

A Deloitte research found that consumers are generally willing to share personal information with companies they trust.

With third-party cookies phasing out soon, marketers have a tremendous opportunity to collect first-party data and foster customer trust. Giving customers better control and informed consent around their identity and information can help create marketers develop a customer-centric approach to data.

Businesses should provide an easy-to-use, secure privacy interface and consent management system, which would allow consumers to revoke consent, update or delete personal information quickly. Along with providing frictionless methods of authentication and authorisation, there should be complete transparency around how the brand handles data.

To foster meaningful customer relationships, brands should use these insights to deliver valuable and relevant content and experience. They should also ensure that their data collection and data usage methods comply with all local laws.

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