Businesses should have an effective understanding of their target audience for promoting webinars

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October 16, 2020, 2:48 PM UTC

When targeted to the right people at the right time, webinars can help generate quality leads.

Identifying and understanding the target audience are the two most important aspects of a marketing strategy. Before planning a webinar, marketers should think about their product or services’ target group, and find out their specific characteristics like age, gender and location.

Businesses should use their existing data, social media groups and look through competitors’ audiences to find their prospects. Marketers should do deep dive into consumer lifestyles to identify the perfect time to broadcast a webinar.

Conducting surveys and polls via online tools and social channels can help marketers create content that aligns with their audience. They can also send webinar-related presentations to attendees post-event to make a lasting impression. Marketers should also use brand-specific keywords to enhance SERP rankings of their webinars.

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