Shifting social media ad spend to safer platforms can help businesses avoid potential brand damage

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October 15, 2020, 4:18 PM UTC

Consumer-goods giant Unilever paused its advertising spend on Facebook and Twitter to avoid being placed misinformation or hate speech.

Though social channels are less expensive, they do not let advertisers control ad placements. The risk of an advert being inadvertently placed around inappropriate content is high and can damage the brand. This can create a false sense of brand sentiment and harm the business enormously.

Investing in online video channels can give brands full transparency, greater control over placements and broader reach at a price point similar to that of social media. They can also invest in CTV and OTT that offer family-safe advertising environment and better efficiency.

OTT platforms can further give brands the ability to prevent being shown alongside non-desirable content. Studies show that CTV ads can also influence purchase decisions.

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