Repurpose content copies into various formats to boost engagement and enhance marketing efforts

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October 15, 2020, 1:33 AM UTC

Becoming creative with formats, channels, and strategies can help brands promote their content.

Marketers must maximise the use of their content resources at scale to effectively adapt their marketing strategies towards account-based marketing (ABM). To do this, brands must repurpose their content into different formats, particularly long-form copies like whitepapers.

Creating subsections within a section of a copy can help marketers create content like checklists, guides. Brands can also repurpose graphs into infographics and create executive briefs to summarise important information. Breaking up content into social media posts is recommended to widen reach.

Atomize (break up) content assets like blog posts into a set number of social posts or additional copies to maximise their utilisation. Editing parts of the content as per audiences’ needs can help marketers attract readers across different industries and personas.

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