Market research companies should embrace new skills to deliver actionable insights from data points

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October 15, 2020, 2:16 PM GMT+0

MRC’s go beyond offering gathered and distilled data, statistics or charts to provide advice, insights and decision-making inputs.

Providing actionable insights can help market research companies future-proof their clients’ businesses and thrive in a continually evolving industry. These companies should embrace new research methods and technologies as well as recruit members with diverse skillsets to accelerate their automation, AI and analytics capabilities.

Hiring people like marketing scientists, chatbot designers, editors, and filmmakers can help market researchers provide value-added insights and guidance that can create real impact in their clients’ businesses. With “storytellers” on-board, MR firms can translate data into content that matches with real-world scenarios to drive informed decision-making and drive action.  

They should also provide contextual, holistic and adaptable understanding along with business intelligence. But, all risks and opportunities should be analysed before upgrading their operations.  

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