Publishing blog content weekly can help businesses improve marketing efforts

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October 14, 2020, 2:21 PM UTC

This piece argues that weekly blog posts can help brands solve multiple marketing challenges.

According to SEMrush’s “Small Business Marketing Challenges in 2020” report, 67.4% of marketers say limited marketing budget is their biggest challenge, followed by organic traffic at 60.4%. Competition from big companies (46.1%), building a visible brand (42.6%), keeping a positive ROI (37.6%) and expanding marketing channels (32.6%) were listed as the other significant challenges faced by small businesses.

Consistently creating blog content at least once a week can help businesses overcome all these challenges. Instead of investing in ad spend, brands should invest in content marketing to achieve better rankings at a lower cost than advertising or sponsorships.

Weekly blog posts can not only help improve organic rankings but also help increase visibility by 300%. It can also help marketers yield a seven times better ROI than other marketing practices.

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