Marketers should add closed captions and alternative text to all branded videos

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October 14, 2020, 5:44 PM UTC

Around 85% of consumers watch videos without sound.

With about 466 million people having hearing disabilities worldwide, brands should prioritise making their video content accessible to this vast audience base. Adding closed captions and alternative text to videos can make branded video content accessible to not only people with hearing disabilities but also users who watch videos without sound. Two of the biggest video sharing platforms – YouTube and Vimeo – provide options to add captions and subtitles.

Marketers can also add GIFs, boomerangs and animations to make their videos more enjoyable. Creating behind-the-scenes content teasers and adding lifestyle images can make videos intriguing and relatable for the audience.

Creating explainer videos can help marketers effectively launch new products and help existing customers troubleshoot. Businesses can also use inspirations from content that has already proved to be successful in driving traffic and keeping audiences invested. 

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