Businesses should have a flexible campaign budget to maximise performance

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October 14, 2020, 4:42 PM GMT+0

Limiting campaigns by budget can restrict both profit and business growth.

Instead of having a rigid campaign budget, brands should allow some flexibility around it to increase investments in the highest performing channels. They should also regularly monitor their key performing indicators like ROAS and attributed profit to individual campaigns.

Marketers should lower their bids in case a campaign has a limited budget and underperforms in terms of RAOS. It can help marketers produce more clicks within the same cost, and ultimately increase ROAS, improve profitability and generate more revenues.

Though there is limited control over campaigns in Smart Bidding, small businesses can consider Smart Bidding as it saves time. Smart bidding can also provide detailed insights about users like their OS and browser. But, they should make sure to set maximum bid limits for better results.

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