Marketers should think like reporters and target new keywords based on real-life events

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October 13, 2020, 5:33 PM UTC

According to Search Engine Land, 15% of Google searches every year are from entirely new queries.

Instead of researching keywords based on historical data, marketers should continuously monitor new updates and recent happenings to spot new opportunities. Businesses should avoid relying solely on keyword research tools and think like journalists to identify keywords for the happening-right-now trends or topics that pique consumer interest.

Along with writing about trending topics, businesses can use the “splinter off” technique – writing articles optimised for bottom-of-page-1 queries to improve search rankings. But, they should first ensure they have a decent domain authority and an ability to post at least three articles per week.

Businesses should aim to post content before or during an event to target time-sensitive keywords. But, marketers should also ensure that each content provides unique value to maintain rankings consistently.

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