Focus on search intent to drive new users to SaaS platforms

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October 13, 2020, 12:41 PM GMT+0

SaaS businesses could leverage video marketing to boost the performance of other marketing efforts.

This article suggests how businesses can drive users to SaaS platforms. When social and video marketing are combined, an Optinmonster report saw a 54% rise in brand awareness.

To attract users, marketers must go beyond keyword optimisation and optimise for search intent as well. Businesses must improve their website’s accessibility by being web accessibility compliant. This can make the brand accessible to new users that might have been unable to use those sites before.

SaaS businesses can explore the idea of partnering with influencers or other “matching” SaaS platforms that can further the brand’s cause of growing their online presence. To avoid annoying the average user, the author suggests having three tiers at most and adding an enterprise customisation offer if needed.

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