Embracing second-hand culture can help brands target sustainability-conscious consumers

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October 13, 2020, 3:15 PM UTC

Brands should offer a mix of new products along with recycled ones to serve consumers efficiently.

With consumers becoming more conscious about sustainability, brands need to embrace second hand, recycled and refurbished products. With companies like Ikea, Nike and Levi’s taking new approaches to sell used products, pre-used products now have a life beyond charity shops and flea markets.

Denim brand Levi’s offers second-hand products at a lower price tag, and each product goes through an eco-friendly cleaning process. Along with showing how their products are sustainably-sourced and made, Levi’s is planning to participate in relevant fashion shows and talk about the sustainability and environmental impact of their efforts.

The demand for reusing, repurposing and extending the life of used products is expected to grow. But, brands should first analyse their product life-cycle and market opportunities to explore the model's appropriateness for their businesses.

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