Customer Data Platforms are becoming increasingly popular with marketers

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October 13, 2020, 7:04 AM GMT+0

Advertiser Perceptions surveyed US-based marketers between 27th July and 17th August to understand their views on CDPs.

As customer privacy regulations become more rigid, Customer Data Platforms are increasingly taking the spotlight. Around half of marketers reported CDPs had the most significant impact on online sales and helped increase ROI and ROAS (43%), cross-selling (41%), cost per action (39%) and brand lift (38%).

Including CDPs are not only helping marketers better understand customer-specific insights but are also allowing them to personalise communications, improve customer experience and purchase journeys. These platforms are also playing a crucial role in addressing challenges regarding privacy regulations.

Marketers have used CDPs to build GDPR and CCPA compliant marketing lists (66%) and to manage compliance programs (55%). They have further used CDPs to increase transparency around data and enforce data retention and use policies. 

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