Brands must evaluate purchase data and consumer behaviour to create effective cross-sell emails

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October 13, 2020, 12:07 PM GMT+0

Creating and positioning appropriate messages aligned with consumer personas can help brands drive cross-selling efforts.

To create cross-sell emails, brands must map out all products and features to identify cross-selling opportunities. Cross-sell emails that inspire consumers to buy complementary products can be used to increase average order value, retain consumers, and enhance consumer lifetime value.

Analysing and segmenting data like items bought together and purchasing behaviours can help brands choose the right target personas and determine their consumers' journey. Brands can create cross-sell emails for products in similar categories or items less expensive than the original product.

Displaying social proof in emails could further help marketers boost cross-sells. Businesses can use email automation tools to create personalised cross-sell emails. Crafting dynamic content for emails that can be delivered to multiple devices can help increase engagement.

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