79% of marketers and publishers still rely on third-party cookies for determining audience identity

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October 13, 2020, 10:20 AM UTC

A recent report by LiveIntent surveyed 200 senior marketers and publishers.

With Google planning to eliminate third-party cookies by 2020, 79% marketers and publishers are still primarily dependent on third-party cookies for audience identity. 39% of respondents currently don’t have a plan ready for cookie-less advertising.

While 48% have a plan, they have no confidence in it. Of those surveyed, 52% would need another year to find “another solution”. Marketers finding replacements for third-party cookies say email addresses (29%), first-party data gathered by publishers (25%) are the most important digital assets.

22% also reported using Trade Desk’s Universal ID 2.0. 64% participants are “somewhat concerned” about advertising’s future without third-party cookies. However, The New York Times and Vox have already reinforced data offerings, and Google is working towards maintaining the possibility of targeted advertising.

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