Write standalone articles and create video answers to enhance search rankings for FAQ pages

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October 12, 2020, 10:41 AM GMT+0

Use tools like Text Optimiser to effectively structure FAQ pages.

Crafting an optimised and well set-up FAQ page can help brands address queries, boost site SEO, create effective sales funnels, and build trust among consumers. Marketers should ensure their answers are clear, concise and factual for each question on FAQ pages.

Alternatively, brands can write standalone articles for certain topics or create video answers to explain them in more detail. Using FAQ schema and including internal organic links can help brands boost search ranking and leverage their FAQ page as a sitemap.

Brands should structure their FAQ pages with search field suggestions to guide users through the site and display categories to help drive consumers’ purchasing decisions. Monitoring in-FAQ search, “People Also Ask” rankings on Google and tracking user pathways can further help optimise FAQ pages.

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