Giveaways can help marketers effectively convert social followers into email subscribers

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October 12, 2020, 6:48 PM UTC

Unlike social platforms, email channel’s audience targeting algorithmic rarely changes

Businesses can use gifts and giveaways as lead magnets to get their social media followers to share their email addresses. Marketers should offer high-value, exclusive consumer pain-point addressing giveaways to convince social followers to join the brand’s email list.

Conducting Q&A sessions, polls and surveys on Instagram Stories can help identify prospects’ needs and pain points. Marketers can also join relevant Facebook groups to share the lead magnet links with their target audiences. 

The link to lead magnet signup pages should be prominently visible on the brand’s social media profile bios to attract enough user attention. Marketers can offer giveaways in the form of a short guide, video training sessions and downloadable resources like workbooks and tip sheets.

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