Creativity coupled with proven knowledge on a topic is a must for real-time marketing

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October 12, 2020, 3:06 AM UTC

Real-time marketing helps brands connect better with audiences.

This article argues the use of real-time marketing as it could be a “clever method” for marketers to respond with during the pandemic. Small businesses, in particular, could benefit greatly from real-time marketing.

Small businesses could set up alerts to track specific topics in their industry they wish to cover. They could also follow influencers or large businesses in their field who might be covering the same topics. Brands must have a content strategy in place to be able to respond to real-time events.

Creativity in real-time marketing is crucial and businesses could use it to be witty, empathise during a crisis or create a voice for themselves. Apart from this, having proven knowledge on a topic, quick reactions and available data are necessary for real-time marketing efforts.

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