Viral content must tell a relatable story and be timely

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October 08, 2020, 1:47 AM GMT+0

Viral content must be thought of as the outcome and not as the goal.

This article suggests how businesses can create content that goes viral. Quoting Jonah Berger’s book “Contagious”, the article shares elements that make up widely shared content. The elements include a relatable story, timely content, focus on feelings, useful information and more.

The author cautions advertisers to recognise that viral content is fleeting with visibility ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. Moreover, the viral content’s visibility would depend on how fast or slowly the core topic or trigger of the content disappears.

Further, the quality of the content may not always be driving a content piece’s reach as much as the quantity in which it is being shared would. And even then, there’s little guarantee that the content would reach a specific target audience.  

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