Political ads on Facebook to be halted temporarily after closing of polls in the US

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October 08, 2020, 7:09 AM GMT+0

Facebook’s product manager, Sarah Schiff, shares that while this duration could be a week, it is subject to change.

All political ads on Facebook will be halted temporarily after the closing of polls in the US on 3 November 2020. In an earlier announcement, the company hadn’t specified its policy for after closing of polls.

It had also said that new ads had to bought over a week before the election. Facebook states the ads will be halted to “reduce opportunities for confusion or abuse.”

Additionally, Facebook will remove any calls in paid or organic posts that encourage people to “engage in poll watching when those calls use militarised language” or “intimidate voters or election officials.” However, this action wouldn’t extend to existing posts that are in violation of the rule.

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