Improving website accessibility can help marketers reach more audiences and avoid potential lawsuits

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October 08, 2020, 5:42 PM UTC

A blind man won a lawsuit against Dominos because their website was incompatible with screen reading tools.

With consumers increasingly purchasing products online due to the COVID-19 crisis, it has become crucial for brands to make their website accessible to people with disabilities. Conducting a website audit can help marketers identify missing elements of the website that prevent them from being accessible to everyone.

Using tools like Google Lighthouse and WAVE tool can help brands diagnose and fix accessibility issues. Businesses can also use AI-powered solutions like accessiBe to optimise website content for screen reader software, enhance keyboard navigation and other UX design elements.

Website designers should ensure the navigation is easy, and that texts and fonts are readable on all devices, platforms and browsers. Choosing colour blind-friendly visuals can help marketers offer a confusion-free UI and further expand their audience base.

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