Creating user personas can help marketers humanise their brand story

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October 08, 2020, 4:26 PM UTC

Instead of highlighting product benefits, companies should use storytelling to approach consumer pain points.

A marketer can tell one story in many different ways – depending upon the audience – their needs, desires, interests and feelings. Even if the same story has been told to numerous different audiences, each one will act, think and feel differently.

Storytelling is essential for boosting sales, but each story should be relevant to the consumer’s pain points. To create bespoke stories for each user, marketers need to create a user persona. Instead of working alone, marketers should collaborate with others to get a more expansive view of their ideal clients. 

Businesses should gather deep insights like consumer response patterns, demographics, past purchases and their feeling across the entire buying journey. Using these insights, marketers can create customer-centric stories that connect with consumer sentiments and humanise the brand.

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