Optimising content for “People Also Ask” section can help brands improve search rankings

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October 07, 2020, 2:18 PM UTC

Featured snippets, “People Also Ask” (PAA) and image searches are often overlooked SEO opportunities.

Features snippets or “position zero” offers the most prominent position, and the first organic result in a Google search. Marketers should create content that provides an exact answer to a search query, typically in a question format.

PAA section usually lies below the snippet and contains the most frequently asked questions related to the search query. Businesses can achieve that position by creating comprehensive long-form content and cover all long-tail keywords associated with all search queries in their niche.

They should also aim for the optimal word count and build an FAQ section on their website. Optimising content for snippets and PAA can further help brands rank for voice searches. Businesses can use high-quality, unique images over stock images to rank higher on image searches.

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