Develop brand voice depending on what a company is trying to accomplish

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October 07, 2020, 7:07 AM GMT+0

Brand voice and tone must always be kept up to date.

This article shares how the right tone and voice for a brand can be developed. The key components of a brand tone and voice are word choice, punctuation, message placement and sentence structure. Brand voice could be understood as the written expression of a brand.

Its tone, however, means how the brand delivers its communication. To develop tone of voice, gather information about the company’s core values, the company’s goals and the tone used previously. Understanding the audience and demographic comes next.

Depending on the goals, brand voice could be funny or serious, formal or casual, respectful or irreverent or enthusiastic or matter-of-fact. Having established an idea for a voice, formulate basic guidelines on what a good tone sounds like.  

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