Google changes its product road map to accommodate COVID-19 related priorities

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October 06, 2020, 5:40 PM UTC

But, the plan for phasing out third-party cookies from Chrome in 2022 is on track.

Search engine giant Google noticed significant changes in user intent during the pandemic. To address such changes and to meet the evolving needs of small businesses, Google changed its product road map. Some of its products, including a trends discovery tool and new buying objectives, are about to hit the market by 2020’s fourth quarter.

Google has also started using pandemic-related insights combined with search data to form the basis of Insights Page. This page would show current and emerging demand for products and services related to a specific business, audience forecasting and competitive insights. 

Products like Insights Page, Performance Max and Video Action Campaigns are expected to hit the market soon. Google’s Jerry Dischler said with these products, “We’re hoping to help small businesses really provide something relevant”.

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