DTC brands are increasingly spending on TV advertising to reach new audiences

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October 06, 2020, 1:04 PM GMT+0

With DTC brands outgrowing online channels, they are bringing their tried and tested advertising tactics to streaming TV.

With traditional advertisers pausing their TV spending due to the pandemic, newer brands are trying to fill the void with digital advertising tactics like creative testing, audience targeting and programmatic buying. Direct-to-consumer brands are capitalising on TV adverts to acquire new audiences and foster brand credibility while still tracking their ROAS, cost per acquisition, views and engagement.

Meryl Draper, founder and CEO at Quirk Creative, said as scale on social channels like Facebook and Instagram max out, DTC brands need somewhere to grow. Brands are investing in streaming platforms because of their addressability.

Using the TV as a medium also brings prestige to the brand that other media cannot. Pattern’s Mike Janiak said brands scale up when they no longer need Facebook for microtargeting audiences.

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