Creating content that answers real human questions can help B2B marketers improve search rankings

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October 06, 2020, 3:36 PM UTC

But, keywords still play a crucial role as it helps humans and search engines understand the context around the content.

Content creators should think beyond keyword stuffing and change their content strategy to address real human questions. Focusing on answering human queries can help brands establish thought leadership and build authority among the readers along with search engines.

Google‘s BERT update was also aimed at prioritising human language and answering questions like a real human. But, keywords are still essential as both Google bots and humans use keywords to scan the content and understand its context.

Marketers should place keywords in the headline, meta titles, meta description, subheading and image ALT text, among others. They can use long-tail keywords to structure their content. But, they should avoid overusing keywords and focus on the quality of the content.

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