Strategically creating target URLs can help brands yield useful backlinks from campaign results

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October 05, 2020, 5:08 PM UTC

They should also ensure individual campaigns address consumer needs and pain points.

Before creating a campaign, businesses should thoroughly research their target audience and understand what they want. Offering relevant, useful content can help brands earn quality backlinks.

Creating a target URL can make it easier for publishers to backlink a site. But, companies should avoid making their product page as the target URL as most publications have rules against directly linking to commercial sites. Marketers can create a relevant page with testimonials from journalists and customers to earn links from high-quality domains, which can then be internally linked to product pages.

Leveraging interactive content formats on the website and creating a resource hub or an annual report can further encourage media professionals to link their content to the company website. But, only the most relevant audiences should be targeted for better outreach.

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