Identify event attendees’ personas to improve engagement and experiences at virtual or hybrid events

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October 01, 2020, 6:38 AM GMT+0

Designing immersive experiences accounting for the new reality can help brands execute events effectively.

This article suggests virtual and hybrid event planning strategies brands can use to boost their event experiences and engagement amid COVID-19. Take into consideration the most recent government guidelines to craft tailored experiences, and plan virtual and hybrid events accordingly.

Brands must identify attendees’ personas to understand their needs, behaviours, and goals to craft optimal and innovative event experiences. Segmenting audiences by demographics, psychographics (goals, interests) and geographies lets marketers map personas and develop immersive events.

Create a detailed layout of audience types, objectives, and messaging to be used, to design virtual/hybrid events. Brands must factor in their audiences’ perceptions, expectations, event end goals, and create appropriate CTAs. This allows for a logical approach towards event planning and helps execute events successfully.

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