Brands should maximise the value of first-party data as a part of their long-term identity strategy

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October 01, 2020, 2:19 PM GMT+0

With third-party cookies phasing out, advertisers and publishers need to find better ways to target consumers without invading their privacy.

This piece argues identity is key to powering relevant advertising and even basic ad-serving features require understanding user identity. Businesses need to maximise the use of first-party data to devise an effective long-term identity strategy.

Using solutions like data onboarding and analytics technology can help businesses harness first-party data along with addressing privacy and regulatory constraints. Enabling the flow of data and insights between advertisers, media companies and technology platforms, while complying with the privacy norms, can help marketers maximise the value of first-party data.

Businesses can also leverage contextual targeting to reach audiences based on their interest and context. Diversifying formats and exploring channels like CTV can further help advertisers safely engage with relevant audiences across different screens.

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