Brands should include customer support teams in their content and social marketing strategies

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October 01, 2020, 5:33 PM UTC

When a customer hears back from an organisation on Twitter, they are willing to spend 20% more on a product in the future.

Customer support (CS) teams interact with a brand’s target audience regularly and can help marketers identify consumer pain points. Including CS teams in marketing strategies can help brands make more informed decisions.

CS Teams can not only guide to create an effective buyer persona but also aid in creating relevant content pieces that accurately address customer needs. Businesses should include CS Teams in the content creation process to get innovative content ideas and new ideas around visualisation.

Including customer-facing executives in social media marketing can further enhance brand-customer relationships as promptly answering customer complaints increase customer advocacy by 25%. Additionally, solving an issue on social channels is 83% cheaper than doing it over calls.

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