66% of business analysts believe that less than 80% of their reports provide value to their company

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October 01, 2020, 9:53 AM UTC

ThoughtSpot and TDWI’s recent report found that 50% analysts 50% want organisations to create a structure for data and analytics, like a centre of excellence.

With business analysts spending more time on drafting reports and dashboards, 66% of those polled believe that less than 80% of their reports add any value to the organisation. Further, over 35% want to spend more time understanding strategic business initiatives to deliver impactful results.

70% of analysts in North America were unsuccessful in generating measurable value. Democratising analytics (44%) was one of the top changes reported by analysts to help them become proficient and strategic in their roles.

Data infrastructure and data literacy at 49% and 39% respectively are some of the top challenges. 63% businesses are upskilling or have already upskilled some of their business analysts.

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