56% of brands outsource content writing to external agencies

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October 01, 2020, 7:29 AM GMT+0

SEMrush’s recent survey reveals that 24% of brands that outsourced content writing faced slow turnarounds.

The report found that while 44% of brands reported not outsourcing content writing, 56% outsourced content writing. Top goals for outsourcing content are maximising organic traffic (90%), improving the website’s rank for top keywords (84%) and scaling content (60%).

However, most brands lack time for writing new and consistent content (69%), and 34% lack SEO-optimised copywriting skills, hence the outsourcing. 69% of brands are challenged by the content writers lacking an in-depth understanding of the brand’s tone of voice or value.

28% brands are indecisive of content topics and types. Businesses must create an audience and buyer persona style guide and share sample contents of preferred communication style, when outsourcing content. Define product features, list out pillar topics and more to overcome challenges.

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