SEO optimised blogs can help B2B brands improve their search ranking and attract prospects

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September 30, 2020, 8:41 AM UTC

Make driving traffic a primary goal for B2B websites to target new and existing consumers.

This piece suggests ways B2B brands could drive traffic to websites and target clients for their businesses. With more than 80% of all potential purchases starting with a web search, B2B brands must SEO optimise their websites to rank higher on SERP and get discovered by prospects.

B2B businesses could use their blogs for free advertising and place a few selected keywords for SEO optimisation. Blogs could further be used as Q&As for B2B prospects to gain their confidence.

Creating content like videos and infographics aligned with buyer’s persona and their journey can help attract ideal consumers at various stages of the purchasing cycle. Leverage organic or paid social media posts to enhance brand awareness, connect with consumers and increase site traffic.

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