Running a post-launch audit can help new websites get placed in search engine result pages

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September 30, 2020, 8:04 AM UTC

It is generally assumed that Google sandbox doesn’t let new websites rank until they reach a certain age.

Though Google denies the existence of sandbox, marketers should aim to create a website that offers quality content, an easy-to-access format and standard user experience to avoid the sandbox effect. Businesses should conduct a post-launch audit to identify and fix potential issues that can reduce the chances of them ranking on search results.

Marketers should ensure there are no technical obstacles to ranking their new website. Tools like WebSite Auditor can help check for indexing issues. Google Search Console account can further help discover and address issues to meet Google’s user experience standards.

Creating niche content can help marketers demonstrate their expertise and improve chances of getting placed on SERPs. Businesses should also try to earn and maintain backlinks from high-quality domains.

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