Marketers should focus on text while posting on Pinterest to improve CTRs and viewership

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September 30, 2020, 3:39 PM UTC

Pinterest – a visual search engine – does not ignore the keywords while ranking content pieces.

Though Pinterest heavily relies on the visual aspect of content, it gives some amount of importance to the text. Businesses should use multiple fonts, limiting them to three, for texts on Pinterest images. They should also emphasise the main keyword by using bold or any dominant font.

Marketers should further ensure the size of the text is prominent enough to let users read them smoothly. The author suggests marketers should test their texts to identify which call-to-action drives traffic to their website from Pinterest.

Companies should never answer questions in the Pin and ensure their designs are thought-provoking. They should also avoid overusing design templates as the visual search engine prioritises new content and images.

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