Facebook begins testing Accounts Center across all its platforms

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September 30, 2020, 2:01 PM GMT+0

The new opt-in feature will let people control experiences across Facebook-owned apps.

The California-based social media giant will begin testing Accounts Center allowing people control over connected experiences across all Facebook-owned applications. This feature would let users turn on and off connected experiences. It would enable users to log into and recover accounts more easily.

The update would allow users cross-posting, which would let them share the same Stories or posts on both Facebook and Instagram. It further announced they would launch Facebook Pay, later this year, allowing users to make purchases and donations across its platforms with a one-time sign-in feature. 

Facebook’s Product Manager Oren Hod said the company uses information across apps to personalise user experiences. “Setting up and using Accounts Center won’t change that,” Hod added.

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