Brands must be authentic about their stand on issues to avoid backlash from the cancel culture

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September 30, 2020, 1:17 AM UTC

64% of consumers worldwide would purchase or boycott products solely on a brand’s position on issues, as per an Edelman study.

This article notes with “cancel culture” amid COVID-19 becoming popular, brands must stick with their promises and put their words into action. Cancel culture is wherein entities or people with opposing views are dismissed and have their support withdrawn.

Consumers supporting cancel culture believe it to be imperative for achieving social justice. On the internet, social media, in particular, consumers have voiced out opinions against politics, brands and more with cancel culture.

However, brands mustn’t be neutral, and they should avoid making empty promises, as consumers today are more informed and empowered. Further, companies should ensure their stand on issues is authentic, as most consumers believe that brands use societal issues to sell products.

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