Leveraging chatbots to gather customer data can help marketers optimise digital campaigns 

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September 29, 2020, 5:21 PM UTC

Chatbots can effectively collect consumer data while providing brand-related information in exchange.

With consumers willing to share additional details in return for specific product and service information through chatbots, businesses can leverage this AI-powered tool to gather valuable user data. Insights gathered by chatbots can help marketers improve profiling and refine audience messaging.

Marketers can use the additional information in their marketing campaigns to create tailored solutions for customers, ultimately improving consumer buying journey and increase ROI and ROAS. Investing in digital and traditional market research can further help brands gather useful customer data in advance. These insights can help marketers better understand consumer intent based on their browsing behaviour or other characteristics.

Creating highly-targeted Facebook ads can help brands capture highly convertible prospects without invading their privacy. Businesses can also collaborate with influencers to maximise data-driven marketing campaigns.

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