84% of mothers in the US agree with news they see or hear on Broadcast TV

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September 28, 2020, 12:00 PM GMT+0

Television Bureau of Advertising’s (TVB) recent report provides insights on how COVID-19 impacted media consumption for mothers over 18.

Broadcast TV news was rated as the best source of information and updates on COVID-19 among 54% of people surveyed. With broadcast TV news reaching 81% of moms, 84% said they agree with the news they hear or see on the platform.

76% of moms agree with news they gather from cable TV and 59% agree with social media. Other media sources reaching moms during the pandemic were cable TV news (33%), and social media (58%).

Reach for broadcast TV was further improved by its websites (81%), compared to broadcast and cable TV (75%). The most time spent in hours and minutes on ad supported platforms among online shopping moms were Broadcast TV (2:42) and social media (1:34).

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