Turning customer agents into sellers can help brands improve sales this holiday season

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September 25, 2020, 4:50 PM GMT+0

This piece recommends strategies that businesses can use to generate revenue from their contact centre.

Companies should start making hyper-personalised recommendations to enhance sales during the holiday season. Brands should provide customer agents with a single view of their consumers’ past orders and brand preferences. It can help agents understand customer preferences, helping them make more authentic and relevant recommendations in real-time.

Recommending products tailored to consumers’ specific preferences can increase the likelihood of conversions. Businesses can further train their agents to turn into natural sellers. If an agent can create a relationship beyond the transaction, companies are likely to retain more customers and foster brand loyalty. 

Making processing payments easy can help organisations make customer journeys seamless and friction-free. Businesses should empower their agents to issue payments through messaging channels to simplify financial transactions.

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