Serve a 200 status code URL to communicate out-of-stock product pages

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September 24, 2020, 9:09 AM GMT+0

Redirecting out-of-stock product pages allows brands to diminish negative user experience.

With increased site visitors and sales anticipation during the holiday season, brands should ensure their ecommerce sites are optimised to tackle out-of-stock situations. Develop a holistic marketing plan to manage inventory logistics on sites during high traffic.

Brands should display a 200 status code URL with a custom template informing of the unavailability of products and offer alternative listings. Including a text snippet or CTA with an email drop option can help convey the products’ absence. 200 status codes are considered soft 404s by Google.

If a product is out of stock or retired, brands should leave the page as it is, or allow 404 redirects, as 404s don’t affect SEO. Understating a website’s functionality and its performance can help brands effectively communicate the stock’s availability.

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