Machine learning can help ecommerce businesses prevent fraudulent bot activities

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September 23, 2020, 12:44 PM UTC

Bots can dramatically skew a brand’s data, leading to misinformed business and marketing decisions.

Bots can be effective as well as disruptive for ecommerce businesses, especially at crucial times such as the current pandemic. Bots are programmed to act like humans and carry out certain tasks within a retailer’s mobile app.

Bots could lead to misinformed decisions, inaccurate analytics and poor conversion rates, resulting in significant business damages. They are designed to simulate human behaviour making it tough to effectively identify fraudulent bot activities.

But, human behavioural patterns when using mobile are complex. These can act as indicators to distinguish between bot versus human activity. Using machine learning to register human behaviour is among the most effective ways to fight fraudsters as it leverages anonymised sensor data including light, touch and battery sensors among others.

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