Create mutually beneficial digital tools to partner with app companies and build mini-apps

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September 23, 2020, 6:37 AM GMT+0

Create a design prototype of a mini-app before partnering with big tech firms like Apple.

Building mini-apps, which are small programs with limited features within an existing app can help businesses effectively test out an app idea. There are several tech firms, like Apple or Snapchat, in the market that offer mini-programs with basic app experiences.

For brands to build mini-programs, they must be equipped with a digital tool or a store that could boost the host app’s experience. For example, Tesla’s WeChat mini-program allows users to locate charging stations, with the same feature being available on its website.

Businesses must treat mini-apps like website integration or partnership projects and offer digital experiences that target similar audiences. The author contends marketers must evaluate whether they truly do have a requirement for developing mini-apps for their business.

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