Appealing to the audience’s emotions can help marketers enhance lead-generation strategies

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September 22, 2020, 12:30 PM UTC

Before this, buyer personas must be created to understand the ideal buyer’s priorities.

Businesses can generate leads with even a simple message and call-to-action, provided they can plan and execute it appropriately. Eliciting an emotional response can aid in creating a powerful marketing campaign. Further, this improves the campaign’s engagement rate along with increasing the chances of overall success.

Marketers can elicit an emotional response by writing a marketing copy that resonates or connects with consumers. Even a musical tone can help drive an emotional experience. Brands should conduct A/B testing to determine which copy or background score would help them generate more leads.

Companies should also create a compelling landing page, which serves as a hub of their marketing campaign. A well-written, easy-to-understand and useful landing page makes it easier for users to submit their contact details.

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