Marketers need to prove ROI while getting CEOs on board with a marketing campaign

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September 17, 2020, 2:32 PM GMT+0

More than 75% of CEOs do not trust their current CEO, according to a Fournaise study.

CEOs want marketing teams to focus on clear ROI, constant innovation and consumer insights. This article suggests the fastest way to get CEOs on board with a marketing campaign is to prove its ROI and point to real business results.

Building case studies to demonstrate how their ideas can provide significant value can help CMOs convince CEOs about their strategies. Marketers should justify capital expenditure, predict future cash flows and show how investing in marketing strategy would lead to increased revenues.

CMOs should further explain how consumer demands are rapidly changing and how conventional strategies are becoming outdated. Highlighting how CMOs are putting content agencies at work, reimagining customer experiences and discovering new streams can help CEOs understand evolving marketing strategies.

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