Digitising print marketing can help grocers yield improved marketing outcomes

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September 17, 2020, 2:59 PM GMT+0


A DMA research found only that 3.6% of UK consumers will take action from a piece of direct mail.

The research further found that digital experiences now influence more than half of the retail sales. Consumers are also predisposed to increasing their spend when digital is a part of the shopping experience.

Digitising efforts can improve grocers’ reach and consumer targeting, with more measurable metrics. This piece used Lidl Ireland as a case study when it experimented with a Facebook campaign with the same objectives as brochures, like driving footfall and sales.

The campaign found that the return on ad spends was 10 times higher than printed marketing campaigns. There was also a 2.3% increase in overall turnover at trial sales, a 2.7% increase in the number of customer buying items promoted with Instant, and a 1.9% increase in turnover from promoted items.

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