B2B brands must build emotional connections with buyers to effectively connect amid COVID-19

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September 16, 2020, 1:16 AM UTC

Having daily interactions via live chat and videos with clients can help businesses stand out among competitors.

As B2B buyer’s expectations and mindset towards purchasing changes, B2B companies must approach prospects with a human touch to improve relationships and customer experiences. When pitching, marketers must remember buyers too are people with emotional needs and are driven by values.

Brands should nurture emotional connections with B2B buyers and create content, creatives, and more to strengthen those connections. Marketers must emphasise their company’s vision and communicate with empathy to effectively connect with their prospects during challenging times.

However, businesses must ensure their technology infrastructure, data, and culture are all aligned, as an internal disconnect can cause distrust among the clients. With expectations rising, create highly personalised communications and demonstrate an understanding of clients’ needs to gain their trust.

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